Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Away in a manger

Here’s a question – is it in poor taste to dress up as the Virgin Mary for our next team dressing up day? I go to church every Sunday, so it’s my religion. Surely that earns me the right to dress as VM herself, and to ask Venki, my colleague from Bangalore, to accompany me as Joseph?

My efforts to bring the team together have moved from drinks at the pub on Fridays, to baking and bringing in cakes on Mondays, to encouraging everyone to dress in a festive theme for a day near Christmas.

My desperate attempts to enthuse a sense of togetherness into the team have even made me betray standards. I’ve broken my one cardinal rule, normally invoked at this time of the year, and am organising Secret Santa. That’s right. This year I will be buying some cheap tat and handing it over to someone with whom I’ve not spent five minutes outside of the work environment.

Time to break out the chocolate willies and fluffy handcuffs.

Never mind, I’m hoping that my costume will bring a sense of class and decorum to the proceedings. I’ve persuaded my colleagues to dress up as Father Christmas, a reindeer and a Christmas elf, so some religious input is needed.

I’ve told Venki that I’ll organise a staff, a tea towel head-dress and a beard for him, and I’m sure Big Al will donate his striped dressing gown. I have a lovely royal blue evening dress I can use for myself, and will be ripping up sheets to use as a shawl. A pillow under the dress will complete the look for the morning, and then in the afternoon I’ll switch to carrying Tiny Tears in a blanket.

Perhaps it would be a step too far to bring in a donkey?


Potty Mummy said...

..................speechless. And LMBFO (check out the most recent comment box on Sticky Fingers to find out what that means...). And how apt is this: do you know what your word verification is?


I kid you not. God must approve of your plan, FK.

Anonymous said...

I'd ask Ernest over at the God Diaries if I were you. He seems to ahve a direct line from France to Him Upstairs....

Tara said...

Potty Mummy, I'm so proud of you - I can't believe you've used the LMBFO! Dave will be so proud.

And Footballer's Knees, I come over here for a visit and what do I find? Chocolate willies. I feel like I stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Great to meet you though and thanks so much for stopping by.

And having read your 'about me' bit, you MUST visit Blog To Fit when you have the chance( - all anti muffin toppers welcomed with open arms!

Footballers Knees said...

Thanks all for your comments.
PM - please don't act so shocked, I'll do a circuit of the rosary as penance.

Mud - will check out the God Diaries, thanks for the tip.

Tara - apologies for lowering the tone with chocolate willies. But it could have been worse. A friend in the next office pulled a pornogami book from her desk drawer yesterday. Origami for adults. Am working up the courage to write about the results on my blog.

The Dotterel said...

If kids can do it every year...