Monday, 4 October 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Wow, it's Monday already, where did the weekend go?

I'll tell you where it went - into 25 jars of mincemeat, 10 jars of chutney, 50 Christmas chocolate cookies (I love Nigella), 2 speeches after Mass, 40 photos on a collage display, 1 row with Husband and 3 hours on the toilet.

Yes, dear friends, the church Christmas Bazaar season is upon us again and I have signed up for another year as chief organiser and stress monkey.

I made the mincemeat and chutney and covered the jars in paper and raffia etc etc etc.

I put together a display of photos from last year's Bazaar, to show everyone What Fun one can have at the event and stuck it in the church lobby.

I tried to rally the troops after the Saturday and Sunday Masses with a rousing speech about putting something back into the community, having fun and making news friends. 2 people out of a possible 200 signed up. Ho hum, little acorns and all that.

I offered to go and collect some boxes of donations from an old lady who lives in the cathedral mews. Trying to back my stupid hulk of a BMW (not my choice, borrowed pool car), through ancient gates and between narrow arches whilst being watched watched by a bunch of tourists wasn't a great idea when I was having a hot flush and a hormone rush.

And so followed the argument with Husband. 'FFS!' I shouted 'I bloody hate this bloody car.' 'You need to calm down,' commented Husband helpfully. I can't repeat what I said.

To cheer me up, we went into Bath for one of the best and hottest curries I've ever eaten. Of course, being me, I ate, ate and ate. Unfortunately I've been on the Slumming Girl diet for a few weeks so couldn't cope with the excess.

Hence the 3 hours in the toilet. Oh well, at least the curry didn't show up today at Weigh-In.


Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

"You need to calm down" - the words most likely to have the opposite effect!

Looks like you're on your way to sainthood: a dozen more jars of mincemeat and you're in!

Potty Mummy said...

So, it's Bath then for our next girls' night out?

diney said...

Good luck with the stress! Sounds like a good way in itself to get you on the loo for 3 hours, without the curry!

This Mid 30s Life said...

Just passed you an award, do check it out it's on my last post. I really enjoy your blog so was a good chance to acknowledge it. x

Footballers Knees said...

Trish -re sainthood - did you not see me at Birmingham meeting good ole Joe Ratzinger a couple of weeks ago? He told me it's in the bag.

PM - Yes, Bath it is.

Diney - you;re right, will ditch the curry idea in future and will just hold a couple of church meetings!

This Mid 30s - thanks so much! Will go over and get it now! x

Hot Cross Mum said...

Christmas? 3 hours in the toilet? I am speechless!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Lol. Roll on New Year in that case!

PantsWithNames said...

I'm deeply depressed about Christmas already. Think I'd have skipped all the preparations and gone straight for the curry!